Automotive Sales Training

Testimonial from St. Catharines Mazda

From the desk of Ray Wallace;

St. Catharines Mazda had the pleasure of Q.D.C training for 3 full days within the dealership. Their approach to one on one training within the dealership is a fresh, new approach that was welcomed by the management and sales staff. They spent the time to get to know each sales person by observing them in a sales setting prior to the 3 day training. They were able to identify many of their strengths and areas for improvement. Through one on one discussions, role playing, and a truly interactive approach, they were able to get our team excited about learning new approaches and honing their skills.

Each sales rep had only positive things to say and finished the week with an ability to truly enhance their skills in qualifying, demonstrating and closing. If the training had taken place in a boardroom or off site, the ability to identify skills and strengths would not have been present. It was truly a positive one on one approach given to every single sales rep. From rookie sales people to our sales rep with over 30 years' experience, they all gained knowledge and new skills.

Q.D.C showed that they cared, not only about helping the team grow skills, but wanted to see the dealership succeed. They spent time with management to discuss their approach and make sure that they were following the same processes that the dealership had currently implemented.

I can confidently say that Matt and Tony helped our team grow and have no reservations about having them back in the future for follow up. I would be more than willing to discuss the contents of this letter with anyone who would be interested.

We love to hear from our clients when we've helped them improve their sales!

Testimonial from Jeff, March 2019