The Faces of the Sales Training Revolution

QDC is an Independent Sales Training Group, it is operated by 3 professionals who have a passion for helping others; keep reading to learn how...

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Matt Thompson

Founder & Head Trainer

Matt’s background includes over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. He also spent 15 years in management positions. Through his extensive experience at various dealerships and automotive groups, he has gained invaluable abilities to develop effective sales techniques and leadership skills in the sales industry. He is now thrilled to offer his expertise to the industry and is focused on providing sales teams and individuals with the best training experience possible!

Next Steps...

We are ready to help you too! Whether individually, or in a dealership setting; contact us now and let's start a conversation about how best we can help.


Our Approach

QDC has Revolutionized the Training Business! No more huddling people in a room and boring them for a few days. Our program offers excitment! We bring the fun back into sales with our unique approach to individualized training and skill development. Using unique personality analysis tools, we develop techniques for you to improve your relationship building skills. This also teaches you how to work with the different personalities of your clients.

Here's what our trainees are saying...

"I have been in the car business and thought I knew it all. I attended Tony Chater's training sessions; not only did I learn some new processes, but Tony got me back on the right track building and improving on my sales process." ~RD

"Matt Thompson helped me transform from a low-performing product adviser into a high-performing sales adviser in about 2 months. Matt focused on teaching me how to ask the right questions at the right time and to formulate a strategy in proposing solutions rather than just offering blanketed solutions. The result enabled me to maximize my closing ratio. Not to mention his degree of professionalism. I would not be in the industry and doing as well as I am if it wasn't for Matt." ~Domenic Cappella- Product Adviser, Mazda of Hamilton