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Team Sales Training

Improve your company's sales by providing our training. We focus on 5 Main Areas:
  1. Generating a positive first impression.
  2. Building a Relationship
  3. Delivering a value based presentation
  4. Making the sale
  5. Creating an experience
Individual Sales Training
With our one on one training, we improve your performance by focusing on the 3 P's; Preparation, Professionalism and Personality.

Dealership Events

An incentive for your Sales Team and your clients! We will host a 3 or 5 day Sales Event at your Dealership, promote it and provide live training to your Sales Team throughout the Event.

It's a Sales Training Revolution

What we Do....

QDC effectively trains sales representatives, new and seasoned, by continuing to educate and improve their performance, and the customers' experience.

We offer a unique hands on, person to person approach that includes sales training techniques such as group sessions, role playing exercises and one on one feedback.

We continually reference the 3 P's of Effective Sales;





Next Steps...

Book an Appointment with us to discuss how we can help you individually, or in your dealership.